the mesh body conundrum…


Do you have a mesh body? A mesh head?

You might remember wayyy back when when I had to make the big jump to mesh feet and hands. (which I never wear unless I’m blogging) So, lately I’ve been kicking around the mesh booty or mesh body idea. I’ve tried on a few demos of the mesh bodies I could find. I’m rocking TMP FREE Beta above. Of course I cannot actually apply anything to it, so I cannot get a feel for it. Overall, it seems like one step too many to have to use that style mode thing. I have gotten used to using one or two appliers to slap stuff on to my slink feet, hands and lola tangos. Maybe I could get used to using the style mode deal.

The other issues I have is all the appliers I have for mesh body parts that are NO LONGER sold in sl. I for sure don’t know about dropping 5k on something that might be gone tomorrow. AND how do you all handle going to a store that doesn’t have the applier for the body part you have? I like being able to just GRAB and item and not worry that I will be able to wear it.

I feel like GREAT I could have a mesh body or booty but BOO I have folders full of clothing that don’t have appliers for them.

I would LOVE anyone and everyone who has any thoughts or ideas to leave me a comment!


4 thoughts on “the mesh body conundrum…”

  1. I’ve been wearing the maitreya body for months now. I use an omega hud which means I have so many clothing options. The alphas are great & it’s updated frequently. The hands and feet are even pretty. Shoes and mani/pedis are easy to find. It also works well with slink hands and feet, which is my preference.

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