fleekbuzz #192

Did you get a chance teleport to *SOONSIKI*, previously Milk, soon-to-be Besom for some hair shopping? They are having a re-branding sale. MOST of the styles in the shop are on sale for 50L. Keep in mind *SOONSIKI* also has several styles for the men of Second Life so it’s not just for the ladies.

I’ve been about 5 times today. I’m a sucker for hair shopping in Second Life. There are a lot of avatars there and it was crash-tasic for me a couple of times, but worth a trip. I’m not certain how long the sale is – keep in mind you have to join the Besom group to get the discount. The group is free to join.

NB. If you can try the demo, there were a couple of styles I grabbed with out demo-ing and I had to do the forehead adjustment of doom. 😀

I hope everyone had a great Saturday out there in Second Life fashion land. I am watching Keeping Up Appearances as I write this post and laughing all the way. Truthfully, I’m almost always listening to Hyacinth in the background when I’m on Second Life. Who LOVES this show? It’s Bouquet, spelled B-U-C-K-E-T.

Speaking of candle light, a wicked storm is brewing here, and I might actually need a candle. AH! There was a thunder rumble that just lasted 45 seconds. Spring/Summer in Midwestern America is usually full of wicked thunder storms.

In other news, I also went to COSMETIC FAIR and grabbed some things I will post in the next few posts, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.
Thank you for reading! Xox Sarahlin


Aries *Essentials* pack

< nova > @ COSMETIC FAIR
Guilia Eyeliner
9 pack

Teeth system chipped

lip gloss:
Thanksgiving Jam
6 pack with TMP appliers and system layers

STELLAR by Lexi Morgan 
Bliss Dress 3 color pack SPECIAL

strappy heels for slink (high):
Klepsydra @ Spring Fling Sales Event
May Sandals SLink High in White

Vestige @ The Thrift Shop
poses from Harper 1 & 2
(5 poses per pack)
99L each

avie creds: skin & shape: DeeTaleZ / hands & feet: slink/ eyelashes: Oceane / eyebrows: [the Skinnery] / eyes: * Inkheart *

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