What’s your style, they asked…

Someone asked me today, what’s your style? This is a very hard question to answer in ANY life.

In real life, I’m a curvy, wavy haired women, who dresses casual while rocking a $600 Kate Spade purse. You would literally not BELIEVE my purse closet, more about that later. I only wear Birkenstocks or UGGs. My very long hair bayalged hair is generally always in a ponytail or a funky bun. My nails are always cut short and NEVER painted. I do not wear makeup or perfume. No joke, I really don’t. Ask Filipe. My ears are gauged out to 1/2″, so my pyrex gauges and wedding, anniversary and engagement rings are the only jewelry I wear. So what is my style? Lo-fi with a little bit of funky and A LOT of purses mixed in.

But Second Life me?

Well, it’s hard to tell. For the most part I never leave my Second Life home/photo studio. As I stated in my post, “Do you ever wonder what Second Life Bloggers do in their free time?” When I tp out to grab things I am usually wearing no mesh clothing, no hands, feet or bust. Just some old jeans from JK Style, a Doozers T from the old -=Razorblade Jacket=- (so just system layers). My Second Life style is very eclectic. Yeah, sure I know, who wouldn’t say that. Legit, I feel like I can style out a look for something formal or something slutty or something conservative without missing a beat.

So, are you brave? Tell me, what is your Second Life Style. No, you don’t have to write a book on the topic. You could even just say one word. Whatever you feel fits you best. I would love to hear from you. Hit the comments section.

Now, let me tell you about my purse closet… you know the hall closet where you keep all your towels, sheets and the like? Guess what’s in mine? PURSES! lol  xo Sarahlin

Group Gift (100L to join) – 7 group gifts available

7 Deadly s{K}ins
June Group Gift  (group join fee)
slink hand/feet & tango appliers

necklace, bag & romper:
Marine Outfit (exclusive for EVA)

heels for SLink (high):
Marine Shoe (exclusive for EVA)

avie creds: shape: DeeTaleZ / hands & feet: SLink /eyes: * Inkheart * / poses: marukin, LAP

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