I finally finished the Menstuff hunt today! YAY! Was a long way but was worth it. The hunt has 100 great designers and I’m ready to blog their awesome gifts.
The first Menstuff Hunt gift being blogged its an awesome tattoo from B*FLY. This will be the only hunt gift in this post because I still have to unpack a lot off stuff. The beautiful brown eyes are provided by inkheart, that has the best eyes in Secondlife, for sure a place to visit frequently for new releases! The skin and shape are part of the “Wolf” pack from Labyrinth. In this photo I’m using the medium tone, just one of the 5 different tones available.
Labyrinth has slink appliers available… I got their hand appliers few weeks ago and when I was taking this picture was when I realized that I didn’t grabbed the feet appliers too.
The shorts was a find from a great new designer called [R]uckus at the Heat Wave event organized by The Wash. I was looking foward for the [R]uckus stand at the event because I got a high quality jacket hoodie from the previous event and I wasn’t disappointed!
This is all for tonight I need to go get my rest for another day of RL work and prepare for the mass unpacking of the hunt gifts and a few bloggers packs. Good night!


Eyes: inkheartExpansive eyes Brown Sugar49L
Skin: LabyrinthWolf (Medium – The Clean)1000L
Shape: LabyrinthWolf300L
Tattoo: B*Fly – Menstuff Hunt gift (free)
Shorts: [R]uckus @ The Wash Heat Wave10L
Pose: VestigeProject Runaway Editorial 550L

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