oh no… styles…

The topic of debate tonight at our house in RL is our Blogging Style… As Sarahlin mentioned in the post #238. We both were surprised and confused with which style we best suited us. It’s like a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

I never thought about it before today. I’ve been blogging for over 5 years and the only thing I was concerned about was how  to share the best quality freebies in Second Life on my old blog Top Secret Finds. I wanted to make sure I could reach all the needs of the blog readers and I thought I did a good job but now with a blog that is not completely focused on freebies, I have to learn how to get organized and follow a style. I’m not sure what style fits best for me: maybe a casual, maybe urban?  It’s hard to just blog one style because I like every single style… For now I think I’ll stay with the variety of styles I’ve been blogging so far, but I’ll try to move towards a more casual style.

I’m starting to write a little bit in the posts too, I’m not very good with this but I hope you guys can stay with us and let us know how can we improve. Any comments or suggestion are highly recommended! Thanks again for following us and stay tuned for the next fleekbuzz project!

Filipe Connor


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