I planned for today to get up early and start the mensfuff mass unpack but… it did not happen, my body was saying no and I ended up staying in bed a few more hours.
Before work, I had time to put up a set of clothes and got the picture taken care too. But the posting had to wait till I got back from work.
Below are more gifts from the mensuff hunt, and a heads up for the jeans from Inesco available in marketplace, they used to be free but now they are set for 195L but still a great buy!

Hair: Jaryth’s Barber Shop – Menstuff Hunt gift
Eyes: InkheartExpansive Eyes Coal49L
Cardigan w/ T-Shirt: Black Label Menswear – Menstuff Hunt gift
Jeans: Inesco @ Markeplace195L
Sneakers: United Colors – Menstuff Hunt gift
Pose: VestigeMy Model Life 150L

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