Sunday morning, slow beats seething through the screens in the open windows. I don’t think a Sunday morning passes when the song Sunday Morning by Ani Difranco doesn’t go through my head. Have you heard the song? You know I’m going to put a link for it in this post…it’s a live version of the song. I saw her play live. SHE IS AMAZING. She is just this tiny ball of power. She comes out on stage and she’s just so very small and all you can think is, “how on earth does that giant sound come from such a little being?” Legit, her guitar is almost the same size as she is. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday.  xox Sarahlin

fleekbuzz #251

Porsha – Balayage set

7 Deadly s{K}ins
June Group Gift  (group join fee)
slink hand/feet & tango appliers

* Inkheart *
DJ Eyes in Soul (3 Sizes System & Mesh)
Music Hunt Gift
(includes 3 color sets)

More Than Ever
Summer Rose Dress
Group Gift or Subscriber Gift (free to join)

poses from Project Runway – All Stars 3
(5 pose pack)

avie creds: shape: DeeTaleZ / hands & feet: slink/ shoes: REIGN./  eyelashes: Oceane /


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