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Look! it’s a poll…you should take it.

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Good morning fleekbuzz readers! How are things in your Second Life? I’ve been wondering why I don’t get a heap of comments on posts. I figured out that the blog was setup so you had to enter an email address to comment… who did that?! lol Well, it was either me, Filipe, or our cat, Leo. So, I blame the cat.

In any case it would be GREAT to hear from more of you. Even just liking a post let’s me know you are out there. 🙂 I DO want to give a HUGE thanks to Ever Afterr , Romyka Mars, Ever Wonder for letting me know you are out there checking posts. 🙂

Since I’m feeling kinda froggy this morning, I am throwing a poll together. And I HOPE everyone will take a tick or two and fill it out! It’s right over there >>>> in the sidebar. This will be up for one week, Thank you to all who read and thank you to all who take the poll!

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