This week it’s been crazy! A lot of RL work and a lot of overtime. Money is always good but I miss to have time to blog and find some goodies to share. Bellow I have more items from the The Boys of Summer event, a beautiful and detailed tattoo from B*FLY, shorts from American Bazaar and of course the Jordan sneakers from ILLI. I know I’ve been re blogging them a lot but I LOVE them, they are so cool and they came with a color change HUD so they kinda look different in each post :/
I’m going to try to keep up with the posts but when you come from work and want to blog something your legs takes you a different direction and there’s not a desk and a computer there, there’s a bed!
Have a great week guys!
Tattoo: B*FLY @ The Boys of SummerGood Prevails250L
Shorts: American Bazaar @ The Boys of SummerIDK Bermuda169L
Sneakers: ILLIJordan Sneakers350L
Pose: Vestige @ The Boys of SummerPierre 525L

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