Cleaning my inventory


I used to LIVE in these outfits from AMERIE Naughty. Can I still wear them?

AHHHH! Who has this much stuff?!?! To be fair I’ve had WAYYYY more. Did you know I still had PRIM shoes in my inventory? CRAZY. Back I go…Ohhh p.s. anyone interested in me throwing out some cheap gacha stuff? let me know

2 thoughts on “Cleaning my inventory”

  1. Well if you got used to your mesh body, having texture/prim clothes is a little pointless, unless you have some emotional attachment to it. You could always send a NT to the owner and try convince her or she to make appliers for your body with their oldies, that might work.

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    1. @Matt I just hadn’t gotten into my folders to rid them of old things. Or new things that I didn’t want/need/like/use. Of course I am attached to a few things šŸ˜€ Those were boxed for old time sake. Sending a NC to the designer is a GREAT idea. If they have the original textures, throwing them in a Maitreya (since I know how that one works) applier is easy as pie.


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