Courtney Taylor-Taylor said it best…

Recently I was contacted by someone from Second Life past.  That started me thinking. How many people do I still know from my first days of Second Life? ZERO. There are some I know left Second Life completely. Others just disappeared. Number of friends from what I would call the “hay day” of my Second Life? ONE. And I’m married to him in RL. Number of friends I currently have in Second Life? ZERO. I talk to no one. Literally.

Second Life is a game. Now, I use it to chill and kinda play virtual barbie dress-up and blog. I used to be much more “present” in Second Life. Due to an unfortunate twist, that place and time came to an end.

Now I just hang out on my own in a board in the sky and I dig that.

Do you still know your first friends from Second Life?

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