{hair} [elikatira] | Dylan – Essentials pk {285L}
{eyes} * Inkheart * |  Radiance Eyes – Night {49L}
{eye shadow} (NO) | High Def Cosmetics Eyeshadow Smokey {50L}
{blush}  cheLLe  | Everyday Blush 10 pk {100L}
{dress} More Than Ever @ Designer Showcase | Stardust Gown {120L}
{necklace} MG | Kirenna Fey Teadrop Collar {99L}

 avie creds: skin & shape: [theSkinnery] Quiana |  hands & feet: slink |  shoes: REIGN. | eyebrows: MOON. | eyelashes: Oceane  | poses: A*S, The Muse



fleekbuzz #407 {hair} *Besom | Beauty Marked*Natural Ombres* {75L today}
{hair base} *Besom | Base Art (Salem) 3 levels {75L today}
{eye preview} * Inkheart * | Candy Cane Hunt 7 gift in Caramel | starts 12/1 {1L}
{sweater} .epoch. | giana sweater black | on sale till 12/1 {50L}
{short with leggings} .epoch. | giana leggings black | on sale till 12/1 {50L}
{necklace} MG | Robot Dream Ride – Penny Farthing {50L}
{poses} Vestige | poses from Now Versace 1 & 3 {99L ea}

 avie creds: skin & shape: [theSkinnery] Quiana |  hands & feet: slink | mesh body: Maitreya | beauty marks: [theSkinnery] | shoes: REIGN. | eyebrows: MOON. | eyelashes: Oceane  |


fleekbuzz #406

{skin} CURELESS [+] @ We ❤ Role-Play |Morphine (v.6) {525L}
{hair} [bade] @ We ❤ Role-Play | Evan LIGHT BLONDES {150L}
{antlers} CandyDoll @We ❤ Role-Play | Deer Horns Headband White {249L}
{necklace} MG | Alexa White Choker Pearls {299L}
{dress} :Moon Amore: @ We ❤ Role-Play |Baroque Dress (Baby Blue) {200L}

avie creds: shape: [theSkinnery] Quiana / eyes:[theSkinnery] / hands & feet: slink / poses: Label Motion

I lost my hair…

I have been cleaning my inventory for about two weeks now. I started out with 29,964 items, and I have sorted my down to 12,919!  Although I haven’t made it through my hair, makeup and animation folders yet 😐

Sadly, In the process, I managed to delete ALL my up-dos, braids, buns, ponytails and pigtail hair styles that had been sorted. 😦 SO SAD! Hopefully in the 100 or more hair folders I still have to sort there will be LOTS of up-dos. I think there are only two that I will miss/can’t live without. Thankfully, I can go and re-purchase them.

Also, you should check out my Gacha Yardsale. There are HEAPS of hair styles there!  And clothing, accessories, furniture, etc. I keep adding more items each day as I sort – so there is a lot to choose from. All commons are way below the play price. 🙂


{eyes} * Inkheart * | Jerky Eyes – Tempest | Jerky Turkey Hunt Gift {1L}
{necklace} MG | Violette Cut Bead Boho {499L}
{sweater} .epoch. for Saturday Sale | lili knit sweater in gray {55L}
{leggings} .epoch. for Saturday Sale | lili knit leggings in gray {55L}
{heels} The Bishes Inc. for Saturday Sale | Spiked Heels Silver {75L}

avie creds: avie creds: skin & shape: [theSkinnery] Quiana |  hands & feet: slink | mesh body: Maitreya | hair: little bones. | pose: Label Motion

Courtney Taylor-Taylor said it best…

Recently I was contacted by someone from Second Life past.  That started me thinking. How many people do I still know from my first days of Second Life? ZERO. There are some I know left Second Life completely. Others just disappeared. Number of friends from what I would call the “hay day” of my Second Life? ONE. And I’m married to him in RL. Number of friends I currently have in Second Life? ZERO. I talk to no one. Literally.

Second Life is a game. Now, I use it to chill and kinda play virtual barbie dress-up and blog. I used to be much more “present” in Second Life. Due to an unfortunate twist, that place and time came to an end.

Now I just hang out on my own in a board in the sky and I dig that.

Do you still know your first friends from Second Life?