This is the droid I’m looking for.

meandr2dmew{speeder} Birdy @ The Aracde | Star Catz  Speeder MYSTERY PRIZE| 100L per play

nothing else I’m wearing really matters now that I have a speeder and my droid.







fleekbuzz #407 {hair} *Besom | Beauty Marked*Natural Ombres* {75L today}
{hair base} *Besom | Base Art (Salem) 3 levels {75L today}
{eye preview} * Inkheart * | Candy Cane Hunt 7 gift in Caramel | starts 12/1 {1L}
{sweater} .epoch. | giana sweater black | on sale till 12/1 {50L}
{short with leggings} .epoch. | giana leggings black | on sale till 12/1 {50L}
{necklace} MG | Robot Dream Ride – Penny Farthing {50L}
{poses} Vestige | poses from Now Versace 1 & 3 {99L ea}

 avie creds: skin & shape: [theSkinnery] Quiana |  hands & feet: slink | mesh body: Maitreya | beauty marks: [theSkinnery] | shoes: REIGN. | eyebrows: MOON. | eyelashes: Oceane  |


fleekbuzz #406

{skin} CURELESS [+] @ We ❤ Role-Play |Morphine (v.6) {525L}
{hair} [bade] @ We ❤ Role-Play | Evan LIGHT BLONDES {150L}
{antlers} CandyDoll @We ❤ Role-Play | Deer Horns Headband White {249L}
{necklace} MG | Alexa White Choker Pearls {299L}
{dress} :Moon Amore: @ We ❤ Role-Play |Baroque Dress (Baby Blue) {200L}

avie creds: shape: [theSkinnery] Quiana / eyes:[theSkinnery] / hands & feet: slink / poses: Label Motion

I lost my hair…

I have been cleaning my inventory for about two weeks now. I started out with 29,964 items, and I have sorted my down to 12,919!  Although I haven’t made it through my hair, makeup and animation folders yet 😐

Sadly, In the process, I managed to delete ALL my up-dos, braids, buns, ponytails and pigtail hair styles that had been sorted. 😦 SO SAD! Hopefully in the 100 or more hair folders I still have to sort there will be LOTS of up-dos. I think there are only two that I will miss/can’t live without. Thankfully, I can go and re-purchase them.

Also, you should check out my Gacha Yardsale. There are HEAPS of hair styles there!  And clothing, accessories, furniture, etc. I keep adding more items each day as I sort – so there is a lot to choose from. All commons are way below the play price. 🙂


{eyes} * Inkheart * | Jerky Eyes – Tempest | Jerky Turkey Hunt Gift {1L}
{necklace} MG | Violette Cut Bead Boho {499L}
{sweater} .epoch. for Saturday Sale | lili knit sweater in gray {55L}
{leggings} .epoch. for Saturday Sale | lili knit leggings in gray {55L}
{heels} The Bishes Inc. for Saturday Sale | Spiked Heels Silver {75L}

avie creds: avie creds: skin & shape: [theSkinnery] Quiana |  hands & feet: slink | mesh body: Maitreya | hair: little bones. | pose: Label Motion

Courtney Taylor-Taylor said it best…

Recently I was contacted by someone from Second Life past.  That started me thinking. How many people do I still know from my first days of Second Life? ZERO. There are some I know left Second Life completely. Others just disappeared. Number of friends from what I would call the “hay day” of my Second Life? ONE. And I’m married to him in RL. Number of friends I currently have in Second Life? ZERO. I talk to no one. Literally.

Second Life is a game. Now, I use it to chill and kinda play virtual barbie dress-up and blog. I used to be much more “present” in Second Life. Due to an unfortunate twist, that place and time came to an end.

Now I just hang out on my own in a board in the sky and I dig that.

Do you still know your first friends from Second Life?

Don’t bite the hand that be@ts you off…


I would like to start this post by saying that I am so very thankful and grateful to all the AWESOME designers who I get to blog every week. I appreciate your hard work and the fun I get to have styling my avatar. I also LOVE the quick thank you’s or the adds on flickr etc. I am thankful for your time. From the biggest store to the smallest, you are best.

This leads me to the meat of my post. Today, I was trying to drop a notecard to a designer who I blog A LOT.  I tried to drop a card on them a week or so ago and I just couldn’t get their the little IM choice to pop-up. I thought maybe it was lag…then I thought, wait, I haven’t been able to send a notecard to this person for a while, like a couple of months. Then it hit me. Did this person block me?

I drop notecards to most of the people/stores/designers I blog. I make every effort to NOT send a notecard if their profile CLEARLY says in the About Section, “NO NOTECARDS” or “bloggers DO NOT CONTACT ME”. I have gotten plenty of messages back asking me not to contact them. As long as the person is pleasant in their kiss-off message I just go on blogging them and don’t send them a notecard. Easy-peasy and no feelings were hurt.

To be clear this is EXACTLY what my notecard says:
Title of notecard: thank you 🙂 – you’ve been blogged @ fleekbuzz
Body of notecard:
This is just a quick note card to let you know that your designs have been featured on!

See the links below:
blog: HERE
Sarahlin Constantine

We all get HEAPS of notecards a day. All of us. I know it’s SUPER hard to just hit delete OR not accept a card if you just have too much going on. Hitting that delete button takes a nanosecond and all. lol

It’s no thing to me if someone doesn’t want to be contacted. Do I dig deep into their picks to find out every detail about them and their store? No. I, just like them, am a busy person. ( I generally stay out of the picks because I really don’t need/want to know who people love or what their role play limits are. )  So I thought, ‘hey, maybe this person offlined me not to send anymore notecards and I missed it’. I checked my email…nope. Not one message from them ever.

I’m not upset that this person has never said, “Thanks for being a loyal customer.” Or “Thanks for blogging my things.” Or “Thanks for all the free advertising.” I think I’m upset that I have 51 things I have purchased from their store. And that I have blogged them over 30 times since this blog started yet they seem to generally not care that I am a customer. And it would appear that they are just TOO BUSY to even deal with the public.

Out here in the real world I have an ACTUAL brick and mortar, legit business. I work 7 days a week. Do I just BLOCK customers? lol Nope. Heck, I have even been on the Pacific Ocean whale watching on vacation and I answered a customer’s call. EVEN if I could “block” people, the FDA does not allow you to be “hide” from the public. lol

Do the wholesale customers who sell my product to promote my goods. Yes they do. On shelves everyday. Do I ask them to promote my product? Nope. I don’t have to. I my product has been around many years and has a lot of fans.  Do I ask them to have sales on my products? Nope. Am I available to them? Yep. Do I say thank you to each store or individual who makes a purchase from me or just contacts me? Yep. Why do I do this? I have been trained by my family since the age of 4 to give great customer service. I was taught that all those people who take the time to buy my products help put food on the table.

SO I am off to remove all items I have blogged from this store and move them down to creds. I won’t promote crappy people, and I sure won’t encourage other people to spend their money with such people.




fleekbuzz #405a[FAKESSI ] is having a going out of business sale. Everything is 80% off. Here are some goodies I grabbed (or already had). 

{white bodysuit} [ FAKESSI ] | 90’s bodysuit – White w. applier {18L}
{black bodysuit} [ FAKESSI ] | 90’s bodysuit – Black w. applier {18L}
{pink bodysuit} [ FAKESSI ] | 90’s bodysuit – Pale Rose {18L}
{lace bodysuit} [ FAKESSI ] | 90’s bodysuit – Sheer Lace w. applier {18L}

fleekbuzz #405bleft
{top} [ FAKESSI ] | Stripey Stripe Shirt {20L}
{jeans} LalaLand. | Black Apple Jeans w. applier {125L}

{shorts} [ FAKESSI ] | Bunnies Short Shorts {18L}
{top} [ FAKESSI ] | Button Neck Tee {16L}

{skirt} [ FAKESSI ] | Dreamer Tulle Skirt {40L}
{crop sweater} [ FAKESSI ] Turtleneck Crop – Milk {24L}

avie creds: skin & shape: [theSkinnery] Quiana / eyes:* Inkheart * / hands & feet: slink / mesh body: Maitreya /hair: *Besom~ / shoes: REIGN./ poses: Label Motion, ..::M*W::..


fleekbuzz #404{hair} [elikatira] for FLF | Estelle {50L}
{eyes} * Inkheart * | Neptune Eyes-Fudge | Dirty Little Secret Hunt Gift  {1L}
{eyeliner} < nova > | Zoe Liner in Sepia (9 pack) {99L}
{rings} ieQED for FLF | jellybean.ring.silver {50L}
{vest} Girl Thursday for FLF | metallic puffer vest gold {50L}
{jeans} LalaLand. | Black Apple Jeans w. applier {125L}
{booties} Pure Poison for FLF | Karlie Ankle Boots {50L}
{bag} [sYs] @ Chapter Four | GYPSY bag in brown {190L}
{cows} Birdy. @ Chapter Four | Wooly Cow GACHA {99L per play}
{pose} Label Motion | I’m Too Cute Pose 4 {really old doesn’t seem to be for sale}

avie creds: skin & shape: [theSkinnery] Quiana / eyes: [theSkinnery] / hands & feet: slink / mesh body: Maitreya / eyelashes: Lovely Alien /