I know it LOOKS long, but please read through this and check the timeline. 🙂

Q: Do I have to use both gacha machines?
A: Nope! If you only want to use one that is just fine. 🙂

Q: Do I really have to have a free gift rezzed in the fleekbuzz group area?
A: Yes! You will be given a script and it will need to be rezzed and ready to go by the 24th.

Q: When do I need to have my free gift in the fleekbuzz gift area?
A: If possible, when you setup your machines please rez your gift with gift giver script. Otherwise it will need to be done by April 24 at 5pm. You MUST use the group gift giver script below.

Q: What if I need to setup a little early?
A: Just let Sarahlin Constantine or Filipe Connor know and we can make sure that is possible.

Q: How do I know where to set up?
A: Each store sign is already next to the spot you will be using. Just find your sign and you can setup!

Q: Can I sell other items that are not in the gacha machines at this event?
A: Nope. This event is for gacha only.

Q: I really want to put out a decoration in my area, can I?
A: Your area is just the right size for two machines, a subscriber or group joiner and a landmark giver. A sign holder for each store is already in place and we will add your store logo after you claim your spot. 🙂  So decorating won’t be necessary.

Q: What time does the event open:
A: It will open at 12 am slt on the April 25th. Everyone should be setup and ready to go by then so no worries about being online at that time.

Q: Did you get the word out about this event?
A: Yes! A second blog, besides ours will be covering it, Seraphim. (more info about that below!)  Please feel free to post info about the gacha fair in group notices etc.

http://huntsl.com/2015/03/27/on-fleek-gacha-fair/  •  http://huntingsl.com/on-fleek-gacha-fair/

Q: I have a blogger pack for the event, who should I send it to?
A: Anyone who would like to send a blogger pack can feel free to do so! (Don’t forget to send them to your own bloggers too 🙂 ) Please do not send them in the fleekbuzz group if you do want to send a pack. You aren’t required to do this, of course!

for fleekbuzz.wordpress.com send to:
Sarahlin Constantine : 8a985e5b-a187-4678-861d-ccdb7451ce07
Filipe Connor :  ea7dac3a-458b-470b-8774-3ddbe227893a

for Seraphim send to:
Cinder Gothly : da7a473c-4d85-4e0c-91f6-edac560ba2c0

Q: Will be able to rez things throughout the fair?
A: As soon as the fair starts rezzing will be turned off. So please be sure to be ready. If you need to change something just let Sarahlin or Filipe know and we will try to make sure that is possible.

Q: I’m not sure how to setup a gacha machine, what should I do?
A: Included below is the how-to card. But if you have any questions or problems Filipe Or Sarahlin will be happy to help you out.

If you have any other questions, please send a notecard to Sarahlin Constantine 🙂

April 22nd, Wednesday –
*Find your spot and setup your gacha machines, subscriber, landmark giver or group joiner! Make sure to rez your gift with the script in the gift area (it is marked with signs for the setup time only*

April 23rd, Thursday –
*A key of your  gacha prizes MUST be sent to Sarahlin Constantine. These will be featured on the event blog and also sent to Seraphim. *

*By 5pm slt have free gift with gift giver script rezzed in the fleekbuzz group gift area.*

April 24th, Friday –
Anyone who has note claimed their spot, setup group gift or given gacha key will be contacted. They will have until 5pm slt to get this taken care of.

April 25th @ 12am slt – Event Begins!

May 4th – @ 11pm slt – Event ends. You can pick up your things and gacha machines anytime after this.