What is Fleekbuzz’s ShopHop?

Fleekbuzz has an exciting new way to get more people to your store!
Introducing the Fleekbuzz ShopHop HUD. This HUD takes people on a tour of stores through-out Second Life.

This fun-filled touring HUD does not cost you anything, nor does it cost the users anything. There are no fees to take part!

We look forward to hearing from you!
Team Fleekbuzz


ShopHop Men’s Edition FAQ

1. What is this thing?
The Fleekbuzz ShopHop HUD is filled with select locations (stores we select!) that allows the wearer to teleport around the grid from store to store.


2. Does it cost anything to be a part of ShopHop?
No! There is NO cost to you the store owner/designer. And there’s no cost to the users. It’s FREE.


3. Do I have to do anything special? Make anything?
Nope, you don’t have to make anything! You rez the sign that gives the Fleekbuzz ShopHop HUD in your store, that’s it.


4. So is this a one time a event?
No, ShopHop will grow as stores are added, the HUD updates itself. ShopHop is not an event, it’s an on-going tour around Second Life shops. I like to think of it like a pub crawl with no beer! 😀


5. Where’s the Women’s Edition?
We decided to do a Men’s Edition first because men’s stores in Second Life are not always as well represented/known as women’s.


6. I sell both men’s and women’s items in my store, can I still be in Shophop Men’s Edition?
Yes, with one caveat. We are striving to add stores to the tour who have 50% men’s/unisex items for sale. If you were ShopHopping looking for home decor you wouldn’t want to have a HUD that takes you to only shoe stores, right? 😉


7. Where do I find an application?
Right now we are accepting stores by invitation. Please feel free to send a notecard in-world to Filipe Connor if you would like your store reviewed!


8. So what does this contraption look like?
Here it is. The HUD sits on the top left side of your screen. It can, of course, be attached to any other of the seven HUD attachment spots if that spot is in use on someone’s screen.

• As you can see, the arrows direct the person to teleport forward, to the next shop in the list of back to the previous shop.

• The center where the Fleekbuzz logo is for this example, is where each participating store logos appears. When the either arrow is pressed, it triggers the HUD to change logos and say the slurl of the next shop. This link is click-able and off the user goes.

• The globe button also allows the user to use the MAP to teleport instead of clicking the link in their chat window.








9. What if I want to try the
Fleekbuzz ShopHop Tour HUD before I join?
Our beta version is available in-world @ fleekbuzz HQ

If you have any questions about the ShopHop Tour HUD feel free to leave a comment or send a message in-world to Filipe Connor or Sarahlin Constantine!



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