Last day for the Nerdapalooza event! Seems like it was yesterday that I got the review package to blog, but it was 8 days ago. This week it’s been crazy… well all the weeks since I started the new job been crazy but I’ve found time here and there to share this awesome goodies!
If you didn’t have a chance to stop by Nerdapalooza, do it. So far it’s been raised around 50K for the American Cancer Society of a 95K goal. Let’s give a hand and spend some money and get great items for your inventory. Remember its for a good cause! 🙂

Eyes: Inkheart – Daring Eyes Deep Blue – 49L
Hoodie: Bomshie @ Nerdapalooza150L
Jeans: 360 – Group tag gift (free)
Sneakers: Moeko @ Nerdapalooza150L
Pose: VestigeCelebrity Ghost 3050L

  Nerdapalooza AdSign 2k15




Eyes: Inkheart – Daring Eyes Coffee – 49L
Tattoo: SwaggedOut – Lovely Bones – Group tag gift (free to join)
T-Shirt: OPOPOP Design75L
Pants: 360 – Group tag gift (free)
Shoes: ILLIKobe350L
Pose: Vestige – Calix 4 – 50L