Yay! I got back in to Collabor88 to get the other Griselda avatars! There is a fat-pack available. I, OF COURSE, didn’t check the price before I teleported out. I will add the fat-pack price as soon as I get back in. 😀


{avatar} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 | Griselda – Full Mesh Avatar – Pucker {288L}
{hair} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 | Griselda Hair Long – Black {88L}
{dress} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 | Griselda Heart Patchwork Dress – Black Lace {188L}

#397b{avatar} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 |  Full Mesh Avatar – Glam {288L}
{hair} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 | Griselda Hair Short – Blue Black {88L}
{dress} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 | Griselda Heart Patchwork Dress – Brown {188L}

#397a{avatar} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 | Griselda – Full Mesh Avatar – Repose {288L}
{hair} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 | Griselda Hair Long – Auburn {88L}
{dress} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 | Griselda Heart Patchwork Dress – Dark Blue {188L}



fleekbuzz #395

I LOVE the Griselda avatar by *Shai*! literally do not want to take it off.
There are three different face looks available for Griselda, but I haven’t been able to get back into the Collabor88 sim yet to grab the other two. I used some un-rigged shoes & hair to achieve this look. 🙂
I can’t want to see if *Shai* releases a few outfits from Griselda! 😉

{avatar} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 | Griselda – Full Mesh Avatar in Repose {288L}
{hair} Blues. | Bonao FATPACK [group gift] {70L to join}
{collar} ALTAIR* @ Nightmare Event | dead love collar | hunt gift {0L}
{dress} .epoch. for The Saturday Sale| salem dress – witch {75L}

creds: poses: Le Poppycock & *Luth* / shoes: REIGN.



fleebuzz #394{avatar} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 | Griselda – Full Mesh Avatar in Repose {288L}
{hair} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 | Griselda Hair Long in Auburn {88L}
{dress} *Shai* @COLLABOR88 |Griselda Heart Patchwork Dress in Dark Blue {188L}
{poses} (marukin) @COLLABOR88 | royal fur for c88 (8 pose pack) {88L}